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Goals: Part II

Welcome back strongcreatures! Much has happened in the short time since I last published a post. First, we were successful in our venture into the frigid waters. I have to admit, it was an absolute blast. If you haven't checked out the video, then be sure to head over to the Instagram @myheavymettle and watch it, or navigate to it via the direct link here:

Although I wasn't allowed to do a full body plunge for time, I can tell you that the short "dip" in that lake water was breathtaking, literally and figuratively. The water was 34 degrees(!) and the air temperature wasn't much better. But our squad had a wonderful time. We started the day with some log and keg lifts, made our way down to the beach, and finished the morning with laughter, camaraderie, and honor.

Last time I was talking about goals and how to make them SMART. So, let me finish by talking about relevant and time-bound goals. Relevance. Relevance is fairly straightforward. If your goals don't align with your endgame, then they need to be adjusted. What I want to note on relevance is this: don't let yourself go down a rabbit hole. I promise you, at some point you will find yourself on a tangent related to your real goals and you will need to identify that tangent and readjust. And it may not because you lost sight of the goal, but because your focus shifted. Just don't let the figurative and literal battles of life knock your focus so off-site of your original goals that your current goals are no longer relevant.

Lastly, we have time-bound goals. Also, self-explanatory, but oh so very important. If your goals don't have a definitive timeline, you will inevitably allow yourself to lose focus, to lose sight, and to fall down a rabbit hole or worse, to give up. With that being said you MUST keep moving. You MUST keep fighting. But you MUST have a clear direction with a clear timeline to accomplish the goals you set.

With all that said I need to reiterate something. Moving forward is absolutely key. Goals are just the markers that you are moving forward. The minute you stop moving forward, you have already given up. And the minute you give up is the moment you die. Death may be inevitable, but it is forever. It is the one inevitably in life that is completely final. Don't allow yourself to die too early. Don't give your enemies the satisfaction of watching you stop, give up, and die. But you know what the secret to moving forward is. What is the secret? YOU control your own ability. No one else controls your ability to move forward. Circumstances and other people may turn into roadblocks, obstacles, or diversion, but YOU control your movement forward. Do not be afraid to fail, and fight that fear with your choice to move forward. Strength and Honor friends.

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