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Strongcreature Solstice

Ah yes, it is that time again for the Winter Solstice. This is the time for many to celebrate their respective end of year holidays. May it be Christmas, Kwanzaa, Yule, Soyal, Las Posadas, Hanukkah (although I am a bit late), or simply the solstice, now is the time for us all to come together with friends and family and enjoy the festivities. For me this is the time to close out the year by finishing overdue tasks and welcome the coming of longer days with a sense of renewal, accomplishment, and readiness. Of course, the best laid plans… Yes, sometimes I fall short of finishing the projects I so responsibly set out to complete, nevertheless this is the time to grab the world by its figurative horns and ride into the new year with purpose.

Last year I started the strongcreature journey in earnest (prior to the Winter Solstice) and I feel confident my lasting momentum has much to do with not only setting my intention outside of the societal norm, but not waiting. I wanted to compete and instead of waiting on hitting any particular lifting milestone I signed up for my first meet. Yes, I am advocating for the end of the “New Year’s Resolution” and the reliance on it to get out there and stomp your goals into the ground with the steel toed boots of dedication (+5 STR). Instead, I challenge you to find the time when you can most effectively build the momentum needed to keep the wheels of progress turning. Historically, that time of year for me is the fall. However, although we perceive time in a linear cycle, I would argue that NOW is the time. Really, why are you waiting? The right time? A sign? Well, I’ll give you a sign: NOW is your sign, TOMORROW is too late, and YESTERDAY is already gone.

This time of year, as I celebrate the solstice and everything related to the long night, I want to take an account of my goals and accomplishments. One of which I will be sharing here. As promised, I will share a bit about my last competition. In short, it was a wonderful success. There were some definite logistical issues that cropped up during the meet and on the drive home, but the important thing is I am now officially in the ‘500’ club. That’s right, I hit an end-of-year goal of deadlifting OVER 500lbs. For me this is a milestone I will not forget and that could not be possible without the support of my beloved Courtney. Additionally, I need to thank my friend and coach Jennifer Hersh (find her on Instagram @geeksandgains) for her willingness to travel to these meets and readying me mentally and physically for each challenge.

Strongcreatures, now is the time. Don’t procrastinate because you think you need to align your journey with anyone else, least of all society. Break free of any metaphysical chains you still have wrapped around you. Look deeply into the face of the long night this year. It may just be the void that reflects your best self. Or you may just need a reminder that the sun is going to come out tomorrow, and your dawn may be right over the horizon. Strength and honor.

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