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Personal Training & Strength Programming

MyHeavyMettle has expanded to not only tell my story of strength training and coaching, but it is also my space for providing you with the figurative door to lead you to accomplishing your physical training goals.  I am a National Academy of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT). I am also a NASM certified Youth Exercise Specialist (NASM-YES).  I also hold a PhD in Epidemiology and have spent the past decade in health care operations and research, devoted to the health of others.   


I specialize in youth strength and conditioning (ages 6-16) and strength training for sports performance. I provide personal training services on an IN-PERSON basis only.  However, I do provide online programming on a case-by-case basis.  I can accommodate a variety of fitness objectives.  I am dedicated to providing evidence-based approaches to physical fitness training in a safe and inclusive environment.  You can find my full bio here.

I provide personal training sessions out of The Heavy Mettle Gym located out of my newly refurbished garage gym attached to my home.  If you are someone that does not want to navigate a traditional gym and receive 1-on-1 training and support in a climate-controlled environment, then my gym may just be the right fit for you!

Please contact me below to get a quote today!

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Please reach out to me and I can provide you with my current client availability and discuss options with you.

Thanks you!
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