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Superstition... I mean routine.

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Good day to you Strongcreature Nation! I do not normally write my blogs on the eve of a meet, but today I felt the need to share what has now become my personal superstition. In past blogs I have written about positive self-talk, and I have shared at length about how my enjoyment and success in this sport is really due to my coach, my support system, and my whole team. However, I have never spoken about my personal routine that many people call superstitions. To begin I am going to share some fun facts about pro athletes and their personal routines/superstitions...their roustitions... Yes, I like that: roustitions.

I am going to start with an absolute icon, a legend, a demigod if there ever was one: Serena Williams. Apparently, [according to the interwebs] she doesn't change her socks during a tournament. Another legend and clothing related superstition is Michael Jordan and his quite famous routine of wearing his UNC shorts under his Chicago Bull's shorts. There are also some much more disturbing reports of superstitious acts that might boggle the mind, but one of my favorites was a mainstay of NHL goalkeeper Patrick Roy. Apparently, he would have conversations with his goalposts. Sound ridiculous? It might, but what if I told you I would do the same with the stage floor before every dance performance. Right before every performance I could be seen bending down, touching the stage, and whispering to the slab of wood and Marley floor to please be good to me. Dancers are weird, what can I say. I bet that many of you didn't know that you don't tell a dancer to "Break a leg!" like you would an actor before a show (for obvious reasons). Instead, you tell a dancer "Merde!" This simple exclamation is French and literally translates to "Shit!"

As you can see there are some wonky superstitions out there, not least of which my own. Talking to the stage didn't carry over into Strongman but having my own singular routine certainly has evolved. Now, I have my own "walkout" music that I HAVE to listen to before I start lifting. On top of that I eat the same meal the night before every competition. So, the question that I'm sure is on the tip of your tongue is, "Why?" Why do so many professional and amateur athletes have these roustitions? I will have to quote the great Wayne Gretzky to answer, "I think it's essentially a matter of taking care of what takes care of you."

What is the takeaway from this pre-competition banter? An established routine may be superstitions, but if you know something works for you, even if it seems crazy, then it's not crazy: it's YOUR routine. So, find your routine. Find your superstition... your roustition, and own it!

Tomorrow is a big day for the SC Nation and I will happily solicit all the good energy my readership can afford. Also, if you want to watch the whole show you can stream it for a nominal price here:

I wish you the best Strongcreatures! I will see you on the other side of this meet. Strength and honor!

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